Research Overview

GAMMA is a research group that studies exact solution approaches for solving combinatorial optimization problems arising from various domains. We consider ourselves a problem-driven research gropup interested in studying problems from both theoretical and practical perspectives. As part of our development, we maintain a diverse pool of applications on which we often conduct research. In recent years, we have become particularly interested in tackling multidisciplinary problems with a high societal impact that require the expertise of researchers from different fields. The tools and techniques developed by the group have been used to solve problems in three broad overarching areas: Network Analysis and Optimization, Prescriptive Analytics, and Multilevel Optimization.

Grants and Sponsored Projects

  • Managing Exponential Decision Spaces (MEDS). Office of Naval Research (ONR). PI: M. Sudit (10%) Co-PIs: J. L. Walteros (30%), R. Batta (30%), and K. McConky (RIT) (30%). $1,150,000, 4/2020–3/2023.

  • Modeling Complexity Analytics of Surveillance Operations via Network Interdiction Games. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFOSR). Summer Faculty Fellowship. PI: J. L.Walteros (100%), $7,989, 07/2021–08/2021.

  • Promoting the Installation of Green Infrastructure Through Optimal Distribution of Incentives. Buffalo Blue Sky. PI: J. L. Walteros (50%) Co-PI: Z. Zhu (50%). $15,000. 1/2019/–12/2020.

  • Data Science Approaches to Automation of Analytic Work Flows. Office of Naval Research (ONR) (via the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)). PI: J. Llinas (33.3%), Co-PIs: J. L. Walteros (33.3%) and B. Smith (33.3%). $149,732, 6/2018–5/2019.

  • Communication Optimization of Networks of Cross-Domain Unmanned Systems (CONEXUS). Office of Naval Research (ONR) (Subcontract to CUBRC, inc.). PI: J. L. Walteros (100%). $62,112, 1/18–12/2018.

  • Improving the Service Quality of Bike Sharing Systems via the Analysis of Real-Time User Data. Transportation Informatics (TransInfo), Tier I University Transportation Center. PI: J. L. Walteros(100%). $50,000, 9/2017–8/2018.

  • Operational Decision-Making for Reach Maximization of Incentive Programs that Influence Consumer Energy-Saving Behavior. National Science Foundation (NSF). PI: A. Nikolaev (50%), Co-PI: J. L. Walteros (50%), $199,938. An additional REU of $18,000 also awarded. 9/2016–8/2018.

  • Managing the Daily Operations of a Bike Sharing System Using Mobile Stations. University Transportation Research Center (UTRC). PI: J. L. Walteros. $15,000. 8/2016–7/2017.

  • Inventory Software Consolidation Analysis. Niagara Transformer (via TCIE). PI: R. Batta (50%) Co-PI: J. L. Walteros (50%). $33,580. 7/2015–9/2015.