Public Packages

  • RanDist: A companion repository for the paper "On the Distance Between Random Evenets in a Network". Compute distance related statistics between events in a given network.

  • dOmega: Implementation of an efficient algorithm for the maximum clique problem that runs in time polynomial in the graph's size, but exponential in the clique-core gap g:=(d+1)-omega (where d denotes the graph's degeneracy and omega the size of the largest clique).


OR Resources

  • Gurobi Seminar: A seminar series which covers the tools necessary to run Gurobi with Python and Jupyter notebooks, and the implementation of several classic problems in operations research.

  • Introduction to Linux Servers: This course is an introduction to Linux systems and how to utilize skills and tools to work efficiently in the command line interface (CLI). In particular, the computer cluster service provided by the Center for Computation Research (CCR) is based on Linux, so another goal of this course is to teach how to build a convenient and personalized workflow in that environment. The lectures were published on YouTube.